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    The EACC has sponsored a successful staff and member led Executive Roundtable program for nearly 10 years.  In recent months, we heard from members that a more robust and structured program would be favored. Now, the EACC has ​partnered with Vistage ​​to develop a unique and professionally managed forum composed of a Vistage Certified Chair and EACC members.  

    Vistage is a leading peer executive organization with over 20,000 members across 16 countries. The proven processes and ever-expanding methodologies of Vistage ​will be​ used to guide and lead the program, while the content will focus on the multifaceted topics encountered in EACC members' international (inbound and outbound) companies.

    "The EACC Executive Roundtable was a great place for me to get feedback from and to gain unique insights from area executives. Through experience and the growth of my company, however, this format didn’t provide enough structure or focused discussion for the problems I was now facing. My experience with Vistage has been excellent. CEO’s lack a true cohort where they can have both frank and open discussions, but also be coached to make better decisions – this is exactly what I’ve received from my Vistage cohort and chair these last 7+ months."

    - John Baines, President, HAHN Automation​

    This peer advisory experience will result in distinct competitive advantages and improved results for participating companies. Vistage has a long and quantified record of accelerating revenue growth in member companies as well as the leadership capabilities of participating executives. Such an Executive Forum geared toward the unique interests and challenges of C-level executives leading global operations is another unique benefit the EACC brings to its members.


    Who Can Participate

    This Forum is ​built for senior executives with significant P&L and decision making responsibility.  In this Forum, titles will vary greatly based on the variety of international standards, yet expected members will fulfill C-level roles such as Chief Executive Officer, President, or Managing Director of North America. 

    ​Participation will be limited to a maximum of 20 members. 

    Further, expert speaker workshops will be geared toward the needs and interests of founding members with an emphasis on international business topics. 

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