• EACC Behind the Scenes - January 2016

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    January 25, 2016

    EACC Behind the Scenes offers a snapshot of EACC activities that might not yet be widely visible to our membership base, but nonetheless, contribute to the EACC’s mission and enhance benefits for our members and the region. Below, please find updates from the EACC team.
    EACC Hosts Luncheon for University of Bordeaux Delegation

    This month, the EACC had the privilege of hosting a lunch for a high level administrator delegation from the University of Bordeaux.  The University of Cincinnati asked the EACC to support the development of their partnership with the University of Bordeaux by showcasing successful industry partnerships.  This was the first visit of most delegates:

    Vincent Dousset - Vice President for International Relations
    Hélène Jacquet - Director, Dept. of Research, International, Innovation, & Partnerships and Director, Campus of Excellence Program
    Eric Papon - Vice President of Innovation
    Laurent Servant - Deputy Vice-President for International Relations

    The main objective of the EACC luncheon was to showcase Cincinnati as a destination for European and American companies to have operations due to the city’s: availability of talent and research/innovation capacity, presence of Fortune 500 companies; variety of industry; and the presence of the European-American Chamber to help foster and facilitate connections.

    The EACC invited Yannick Schilly of Festo and Sven Thiessen of Optis who discussed how the University of Cincinnati was one of the reasons their companies chose Cincinnati to develop their US operations; and how UC has become a strong and valued partner for research and innovation. This intimate gathering, hosted by Kai Bitter, in the board room of Frost Brown Todd with panoramic views of the Banks and Northern Kentucky, set the stage for an engaged discussion and informative exchange.  The delegation was most impressed by the depth of the relationships between the University of Cincinnati, regional businesses and industry partners.  One immediate feedback was to, upon return, meet with the President of the University of Bordeaux to discuss how to forge such partnerships in their region. 

    The EACC expressed interest to the delegates to further explore collaboration with the University of Bordeaux and their industry partners to present the assets of the Greater Cincinnati region to companies seeking to grow their presence in the USA.


    EACC Marketing Forum Fast Approaching

    Over the past 6 weeks, the EACC has been gathering thoughts and perspectives from our members on their marketing efforts and underlying challenges over the cross-cultural differences and country specifics with Europe. Consequently, the theme for the first forum of the year has been identified.

    Following the initial discussions, we have been able to feed the conversations with our members and keep the momentum on feedback so our contacts would stay engaged.

    From the early discussions on, two individuals have shown great interest in leading the forum and were immediately identified as our co-leaders for the event: Kimberly Carroll from Apex Supply Chain Technologies and Daniela Patterson from LPK.

    Through a series of exchanges and brainstorming activities, the forum was taking shape with a time, a date and a location: 8-10 AM, February 11th at Apex Supply Chain Technologies.

    The forum will gather marketing executives and subject matter experts, while the agenda gets defined on the first date. This first event will set the tone and we are certainly hoping for a great series of marketing forums throughout this year.


    EACC Young Professionals Group to Re-launch in 2016

    Happy 2016! We have heard from many that the EACC’s young professional (YP) gatherings have been greatly missed, as 2015 was a slow year in this regard. With this in mind, we are delighted to share that as January comes to an end, the EACC is working hard to re-launch our young professionals group.

    In the past, this group hosted two event series: networking happy hours and professional development roundtables. The latter gave YPs the opportunity to meet with a top executive from an EACC member company to hear their personal story regarding their career path, while also having the chance to ask the selected executive questions in an open and honest environment.

    The EACC is working to offer both event series again this year and is currently putting together a YP Leadership Committee to facilitate and plan the year’s events.

    Please keep an eye out for communication regarding 2016 YP events, and be sure to pass along event information to any YPs that might be interested! For questions or more information, please feel free to contact me via phone or email (dayna.wood@europe-cincinnati.com, 513-762-3725).  


    A Look Back at 2015

    2015 was an exciting year for me. Ever since I moved from Finland to the States in 1995, I wanted to have something to do with European companies, and in particular Scandinavian ones (my first language is Swedish and my second is Finnish). I joined the EACC in February, and right then, three Finnish companies (Nordic Industries Development North America, Mapvision USA and Fluid-Bag) were in the process of opening sales offices in Cincinnati. I couldn’t be happier! Since I only work part time for EACC and run my own bookkeeping firm, I was also able to take over the books for two of these companies. In 2016, I’m hoping for Hungarian companies to establish themselves here, as my husband is a native of Budapest, and we visit regularly. Cincinnati truly has become very international!


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