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    February 01, 2016

    The EACC is excited to welcome two new members, partner level member Fluid-Bag, LLC and Corporate Small Partner level member Mapvision USA.

    Fluid-Bag, LLC

    Fluid-Bag is a privately owned company with its head office in Jakobstad, Finland, with manufacturing plants in Finland and Thailand. Customers are located throughout the world in Asia, Europe, North and South America, Africa, and Australia.

    In 1984, Fluid-Bag invented a flexible container system to hold and discharge liquids in easier to handle flexible intermediate bulk container (FIBC) sizes (capacity of 1000 liters/265 gallons).

    International recognition came early when in 1986 Fluid-Bag was awarded the “Worldstar For Packaging” prize in Tokyo, Japan for the most innovative intermediate bulk liquid container.

    Fluid-Bag offers a solution for handling high viscosity liquids and semi-solids in IBC sized volumes. This focus adds value by reducing shipment costs, eliminating return freight for empty containers, and increases utilization rates (very little residual material, typically 0.5% to 0.9%, remains in an empty Fluid-Bag unit). Typically the manufacturer of the product fills the Fluid-Bag flexible bags, ships the filled flexible bag units to their domestic or export customers, who then discharge the products for use in their manufacturing processes.  The empty units are then disposed locally eliminating return freight.

    Additionally the flexible bags can be constructed with various materials to prevent premature curing if there is sensitivity to air or moisture, or UV light. Fluid-Bag units can also be filled and discharged without opening the top of the bag. This prevents contamination of the product inside the bags during filling and discharging. Fluid-Bag systems (Flexi- units and Multi- units) are utilized in various markets including; Inks & Lubricants; Adhesives, Sealants & Coatings; Pharma & Cosmetics; and Food.  

    The Fluid-Bag Flexi units are available with 900 liter (240 gallon) or 1,000 liter (265 gallon) volume capacities, and both filling and discharging equipment is offered by Fluid-Bag. The system is designed to guarantee uniform liquid, maximize payload, eliminate return freight, and minimize discharge residue.

    Fluid-Bag opened a new subsidiary office in Cincinnati (Blue Ash), Ohio in September 2015 to better support their North American customers.

    Additional information can be found at www.fluid-bag.com. Fluid-Bag is extremely grateful for the assistance provided by the EACC, and EACC members, to establish the US subsidiary.

    Mapvision USA

    Mapvision provides 100% in line inspection systems to the automotive industry and is the pioneer of multi-camera measurement technology.

    The development of its 100% x 100% in-line inspection system started in the mid 2000’s, which led to the introduction of the first Quality Gate in 2008. The Mapvision Quality Gate is used worldwide by leading OEMs and Tier-1 automotive parts manufacturers to ensure that they produce and deliver only good parts, all of the time.

    Today, Mapvision is the only company in the world providing multi-camera technology that enables real time inspection of 100% of all parts, and 100% of all features on each part.

    The Mapvision technology has created a true paradigm shift in the industry by providing an all software solution to a previously mechanical task.  

    Mapvision is a privately-owned high-tech company headquartered in Helsinki, Finland. Their sales and service organization covers Europe, China and North America. The Mapvision USA Headquarters is located in Blue Ash, Ohio.

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