• LOGOMAT Expansion: Next Step of the NKY Operations

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    June 28, 2016
    EACC member LOGOMAT automation systems, Inc. has shared the next step of its local expansion in Northern Kentucky. Please find the company press release below.

    Hebron, KY - LOGOMAT automation systems, Inc., Hebron-based manufacturer of high-precision conveyor systems for assembly and test applications, announced today the next step of the expansion of their operations in Northern Kentucky, including the need to hire more employees.

    The new building addition in the end of 2015 is fully operational, bringing a huge benefit for LOGOMATs daily business. Complete in-house sheet metal fabrication has been incorporated, including a high-precision laser and a 100-ton press brake for all bending operations. The added machinery and increased vertical integration of in-house capabilities requires another round of hiring highly motivated, mechanical shop employees.

    "Adding those two machines to our internal machine shop is a huge step for the entire company globally," said Philipp Krups, LOGOMAT President and CEO. "We have been talking about the need for these machines for years, but it hasn't yet been time to finally complete that step. The expansion of the building has been a two stage plan from the beginning on, including adding space and adding machinery."

    The overall expansion plan encompasses a $1.5 million dollar investment for the two stage project, realized within less than a year, including the already completed 11,600 square foot addition to the facility and the new fabrication machinery.

    Having a complete in-house manufacturing operation for all parts, including high end machining and fabrication, is unique for a company like LOGOMAT. Many competitors design, engineer and assemble their products, but they outsource the manufacturing of many of the parts. Doing that in house helps LOGOMAT produce high quality components and products quicker, more efficiently and on time.

    The benefits of the expansion and fabrication operations offer a flexibility not many companies this size can offer.

    "We will be cutting down quote and lead times for sheet metal parts where every day counts to get our lead times down for our customers," said Philipp Krups. "That will generate another huge advantage for selling our products. We were lacking the fabrication part in house to follow our internal philosophy to be able to produce every part internally. Now we are finally there, which makes me proud that we as the team at LOGOMAT achieved that goal. These successes and steps of growth are just possible with the help of highly motivated, skilled and professional employees. That is why we are looking for new team members to become part of LOGOMAT, to achieve the next steps."

    *Press release and pictures provided by LOGOMAT automation systems, Inc. Click here to view the press release via the LOGOMAT website.
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