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Cincinnati’s Population Boost

Cincinnati_Skyline_from_Devou_ParkWith 298,165 residents, Cincinnati is the third largest city in Ohio, according to the U.S. Census Bureau new population estimates. This growth represents an increase of 547 residents over the previous year, and does not include nearly 70,000 people who live in the river cities directly across from Downtown in Northern Kentucky. While Ohio’s big cities continue to struggle, Cincinnati and Columbus (835,957) stand as outliers posting consistent population growth.     

For Cincinnati, it marked the third consecutive year of population growth. Recent reports have shown strong population growth in…

Cincinnati’s Population Boost

With 298,165 residents, Cincinnati is the third largest city...

Eurostampa Celebrates Expansion

EACC member company Eurostampa North America, a  manufacturer of...

Annual Gala Dinner Celebrates Vibrant International Business Community

Over 280 regional decision makers and international business leaders...

Kentucky Aerospace Exports Double in Value

Kentucky’s export market is growing in the aerospace manufacturing...

Kasich and German Ambassador Discuss Economic Opportunities for Ohio

The German Ambassador Peter Wittig visited Columbus, Ohio for...

EACC Welcomes New Members

GKN Aerospace – President’s CircleGKN Aerospace is one of...

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Fight Club-When the EU’s Campaign Season Ends, The Real Political Battles Will Begin

EACCNJ board member R. Daniel Kelemen (Rutgers University) has...

Princeton Regional Chamber of Commerce announces partnership with EACCNJ

Leveraging the international brand recognition of the European American...

Camille Sailer Gave An Interview

Camille Sailer, President of the European American Chamber of...

Latvia To Adopt The Euro As Its Currency 1.1.2014

Just a dozen years after the first 12 EU...

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