Bannockburn Global Forex, LLC
EUR / USD 1.1210 / 1.1211
USD / JPY 121.23 / 121.24
GBP / USD 1.5410 / 1.5411
USD / CHF .9643 / .9644
USD / CAD 1.3239 / 1.3240
AUD / USD .7134 / .7135
USD / MXN 16.8011 / 16.8078
USD / CNY 6.3759 / 6.3820
EUR / JPY 135.89 / 135.90
EUR / GBP .7273 / .7274


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EACC Welcomes New Member

Nordic Industries Development – Sustaining Partner

Nordic Industries Development is a privately owned business development consulting firm established in Finland in 1994. Over the past 20 years Nordic Industries has developed a unique approach and specialty in operational sales channel development and management. With operations in North America, Scandinavia, Europe, South East Asia and the Middle East, Nordic Industries is able to provide their clients with industry and country specific in-depth market intelligence.

EACC Welcomes New Member

Nordic Industries Development – Sustaining PartnerNordic Industries Development is...

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